The rebirth of the phoenix

Remember the first “real book” you’ve ever read that fascinated you and introduced you to the wonderful world of reading? If you like to read, you’ll probably remember it. I remember the collection that had this very important role in my life: the Harry Potter saga.

The phoenix has become a great symbol of many things afterwords. In fact, many things in our lives are cyclic, like the life of the phoenix. And from the ashes, a splendorous bird is reborn.

With reading, I discovered a new little world to add to my own world: writing. Despite the fact I’m not the greatest writer on the planet, I rather enjoy it. And I’ve practiced it quite a lot.

And for a long time, I haven’t written anything related to my favorite hobby of all time: programming. When I was only 17 years old, I began to write what became one of my dearest projects of all time: a simple tutorial of my favorite programming language.

Several years have passed since the last time I wrote anything related to Object Pascal, even though I made occasional appearances on the greatest Portuguese magazine related with this area, the Revista Programar.

However, I’m developing the new iteration of my old tutorial. The rebirth of the long-dead phoenix from the great ashes resulting from my goodbye. I should have never said goodbye to this project. I’m fond of it in such a way that I should know it’d be impossible for me to stay away from it forever.

And finally the prodigal son has returned home. The phoenix is reborn. The phoenix is growing up.

This tutorial is, once again, in Portuguese, and I’ll consider the possibility of translating it to English. I’m writing it and it is 100 pages long already. It is not a hopeless attempt anymore: it has substance and it is in a stage where quitting is not an option anymore.

Let’s see how beautiful this phoenix will grow up to be.

Something truly amazing!

For some time, I’ve been dreaming about having my personal site so I could share a little bit about me to the world… or to whoever landed on my site.

I’ve tried some blogs on WordPress, but ended up abandoning those projects because I lacked an objective, a vision for those blogs.

However, I now have a vision. I’ve finally discovered what I want: to add true value to the world.

My passion is to help others to achieve what they desire. Whatever I can do to help them, I’ve always done. First with my friends. Now with you!

Grab a cup of coffee or some tea of your preference and watch the beginning of something truly amazing.