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Lançada versão 2.9 do FAI


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Hi all,

the new FAI version is released! The old FAI package has now been

split into more packages.

fai-server  includes files that are needed on an install server

fai-quickstart currently has only dependencies on all packages needed

      for setting up an install server

fai-nfsroot  includes only files needed inside the nfsroot

fai-doc      contains the fai guide an the simple examples

fai-client  files needed on an install client

A large number of bugs were closed. FAI 2.9 is a step towards FAI 3

which will include more changes, for example the new pathes to comply

with FHS 2.3 if this will be mandatory for Debian etch. If you find

any bugs in FAI 2.9, please use the Debian bug tracking system (BTS)

at bugs.debian.org to report an error.

Currently FAI 2.9 is tested with sarge but with minor changes it can

also be used with etch. If you are running FAI 2.8.4 for sarge and you

are happy with it, there's no need to upgrade to FAI 2.9 now. Just

wait until FAI 3 will be release.

New in FAI 2.9

    - lots of bug fixes

    - splitting the FAI package into more packages:

      fai-server, fai-client, fai-nfsroot, fai-doc, fai-quickstart

    - use a 2.6 kernel by default

    - Config scripts named S[0-9][0-9]* are not executed any

      more. Rename them to match [0-9][0-9]*.

    - fcopy now supports a preinst script, add option -U, ignore .svn


    - new option -I for make-fai-bootfloppy can specify default

      interface, new option -B creates 2.88M floppy

    - use md5 hash for passwords

    - backticks and variables can't be used in package_config any more

    - root-path does not need to be defined in dhcpd.conf any more

      (fai-chboot does it for you)

    - fai-cd's El Torito boot image is not limited to 2.88M any more


regards Thomas


Ĩsto foi exactamente o que o programador do novo FAI do Debian disse na newsletter que recebi dia 25 de Dezembro. Para quem não sabe, o FAI é o instalador automático do Debian. Como podem ver o FAI tem uma série de características novas. Já deverá vir integrado nas próximas distros Debian-based que saírem em Janeiro...


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