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Alguns sites onde podem encontrar wallpapers e icons excelentes para o vosso MAC

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Cá ficam eles:


    * Veer - your desktop will love this place and that's no wonder since Veer is a provider of visual elements and design-related products. Wallpapers are provided in several download sizes.

    * Pixelgirl - home of a myriad of wallpapers that will satisfy every taste and monitor size out there.

    * 555 Design - grunge style and lots of it. This guy really knows how to make your desktop dirty and his work is quite impressive.

    * - nature at its best, recommended for the cubicle programmers that don't see daylight very often.

    * Art. Lebedev Studio - a repository of fine images. Sometimes their logo on every image bothers me but it's well worth a look.


    * Imagine GUI - widescreen desktops, show that shiny new PowerBook some love.

    * - high resolution macro flower photography.

    * - huge collections of photographs. Material suited for both larger monitors and dual monitor setups. Look for the "archive" link on the page.


    * - the one stop repository of the very best Mac icons I've come across. This must be your first destination.

    * - Home of many icons including the "I pity the fool" Mr. T set that will make you smile every time you see it.

    * - perfectly polished icons that seem to come from somewhere around 2053.

    * - Not many icons per set, about 3, but they are closely related to a theme like Apple hardware. Very futuristic and simple, people that like a minimalist desktop now and then will enjoy them a lot.


    * LUGIC Icons - extremely stylish icons from the mind of a German designer. WOW.

Sites that offer both icons and wallpapers

    * - well known artist whose exceptional work will have great appeal to those of you that like comics.

    * - smooth simplistic designs, ideal for the minimalist in you.

    * - these people know their GUI skinning, recommended for the futurist types.

    * - big repository of more then 13,000 icons and 600 wallpaper. Quality stuff.

    * - they offer an extensive database of much more than just wallpapers and icons, they got it all and lots of it. Tip: use the browse options wisely to filter the search results.


Digam depois ao longo do tópico quais as vossas preferencias em termos de wallpapers, icons que encontraram, etc


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