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Gaim 2.0.0 BETA 1

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O Gaim é um cliente de Instant Messaging ('Mensageiro Instantâneo') que se assemelha com o AIM.Permite-lhe usar AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, IRC, Jabber, Zephyer e Gadu-Gadu, tudo em um! Alem disso, é open-source.

Cá ficam com o changelog:


Status System:

* The code dealing with buddy and account status, away messages,

  away states, online/offline, etc has been completely rewritten.

  Huge thanks to Christian Hammond, Dave West, Daniel Atallah and

  Sadrul Habib Chowdhury.

* Your status can now be set from inside the buddy list using the

  selector at the bottom of the window.

* To see messages when a buddy signs on or off, goes away, or

  becomes idle, load the "Buddy State Notification" plugin

Buddy List:

* Buddy icons are now shown in tooltips (Felipe Contreras)

* Tooltips now contain additional information about a "Person" that

  contains multiple online buddies

* Added a "Last Seen" field to buddy tooltips (Richard Laager)

* Contacts will auto-expand when buddies are dragged around

* If Gaim is exited with the buddy list hidden in the docklet, it

  will remain hidden when Gaim is started again (Scott Shedden)

* Improved buddy list searching with CTRL+F

Conversations and Chats:

* Messages from buddies in the same "Person" will automatically

  use the same conversation window.

* The "Send As" menu has been replaced with a more appropriate

  "Send To" menu based on "Persons" on your buddy list

* Message formatting persists between messages (Igor Belyi)

* Full message background colors are now supported

* Smooth scrolling when receiving a new message

* Screenname colors in chats now chosen intelligently from GNOME

  color palette

* Conversation buffer scrollback limited to avoid large memory

  usage in active conversations

* Control-Shift-Tab will reverse cycle through the conversation tabs

  (James Vega)

* Many problems related to having an IM conversation and a chat open

  with the same name are fixed (Andrew Hart)

* Warning dialog when closing a window with unread IM messages

* In chats right-click on names in the conversation window to

  IM/Send File/Get info/ignore the user

* Added tab management options to the tab right-click menu (Sadrul Habib


* Brand new message queueing system (Casey Harkins)


* Beautiful new default sounds (Brad Turcotte)

* Use libao for playing sounds via NAS instead of accessing NAS directly

Log Viewer:

* Log viewer aggregates logs from the same Contact (Richard Laager)

* When opening the log viewer, show the most recent log by default

  (Peter McCurdy)


* Plugins are now accessed through a separate dialog from the Tools

  menu of the Buddy List

* Newly installed plugins can now be activated without restarting

  Gaim (Sadrul Habib Chowdhury)

* Overhauled the system tray/docklet plugin (Casey Harkins)

* Text Replacement Plugin rewritten, works in real time and far more

  intuitively (Benjamin Kahn with help from Richard Laager)

* Entries in the text replacement plugin are now sorted

  alphabetically (Richard Laager)

* The Evolution Integration plugin now supports Groupwise contacts

* Mono plugin loader (Eoin Coffey)

* Perl plugin loader has been rewritten (John Kelm, Google Summer

  of Code)

* New music messaging plugin (Christian Muise, Google Summer of Code)

* gaim-remote has been superceded by new DBUS bindings within Gaim

  (Piotr Zielinski, Google Summer of Code)

* The functionality of the auto-reconnect plugin has been

  moved into the Gaim core, and the plugin itself has been


MSN Features:

* Custom smiley receiving support (Irving Cordova & Francesco Fracassi)

* Added support for sending (with the /nudge command) and receiving

  "nudges" (Julien Cegarra, Martin Bayard)

* Added an account action to open your Hotmail inbox from MSN

Yahoo Features:

* Stealth Settings have been implemented

* Doodle is now supported (Andrew Dieffenbach, Google Summer of Code)

* Buddies' requests to add you to their lists now prompt for


AIM/ICQ Features:

* ICQ file transfer support with newer ICQ clients (Jonathan Clark,

  Google Summer of Code)

* Many overall improvements to OSCAR file transfers (Jonathan Clark,

  Google Summer of Code)

* Ability to set ICQ "require authorization" and "web aware"

  setting (Ettore Simone)

* ICQ encoding fix for offline buddies (Ilya Konstantinov)

IRC Features:

* SSL support for IRC connections (Daniel Atallah)

* Show an error message when temporarily unable to join an IRC

  channel or change your nick (Richard Laager)

* Added /nickserv, /memoserv, /chanserv and /operserv

  commands (Joao Luís Marques Pinto)

Jabber Features:

* Support for SRV lookups

* Support for buddy icons

* Jabber User Directory searching

SILC Features:

* Whiteboard support (Pekka Riikonen)

* Sending/receiving images in IMs (Pekka Riikonen)

* Cipher and HMAC selection support (Pekka Riikonen)

Other Protocol Changes:

* Bonjour (Rendezvous) protocol support (Juanjo Molinero Horno, Google

  Summer of Code)

* Updated Gadu-Gadu protocol support (Bartosz Oler, Google Summer of


* SIP/SIMPLE support (Thomas Butter, Google Summer of Code)

* Sametime protocol support

Other Noteworthy Changes:

* UPnP and NAT traversal support (Adam J. Warrington, Google Summer of


* The modify account dialog now contains two tabs, which should display

  better at lower resolutions (Sadrul Habib Chowdhury)

* New "find buddy" results dialog (Alex Converse)

* People using input methods can now use Enter again

* GNOME users can open received files by clicking on "Open" in the

  file transfer window

* Mouse-over hyperlink coloring is now themeable

* Buddy Pounces now have a proper management window. (Kevin Stange)

* Buddy icons maintain aspect ratio when resized

* The last used directory is remembered for opening or saving files and

  buddy icons

Preference Changes:

* Preferences have been substantially reorganized and cleaned up

* Smiley theme descriptions are now shown correctly for the highlighted

  smiley theme (Levi Bard)

* All Buddy List preferences have been moved to the Buddies menu of

  the buddy list window.

* Proxy settings will be taken from Gnome if it is running.  These may

  still be overridden on a per-account basis.

* Removed "Dim idle buddies;" behavior is now always enabled

* Removed keyboard shortcut preferences for ctrl-B/I/U; enabled by

  default, but won't interfere with bindings set by the GTK theme

* Removed keyboard shortcuts preferences for ctrl-# to insert a smiley;

  behavior removed from Gaim

* Removed "Enter" vs. "Ctrl-Enter" to send; "Enter" sends by default,

  but it is now possible to change this binding in your GTK theme

* Removed "Show multi-colored screennames in chats;" behavior is now

  always enabled and screenname colors automatically adjust themselves

  to compensate for background color.

* Removed "Raise Buddy List Window on Events" and the related behavior

* Removed "Display remote nicknames if no alias is set"

* Removed "Show idle times" and "Show warning levels" on the buddy

  list; behavior is now always enabled

* Removed "Auto-expand contacts;" contacts expand only when dragging

  buddies around the buddy list

* Removed conversation and buddy list buttons and related preferences

* Removed "Raise conversation window" preferences; moved feature to

  the notify plugin

* Removed "Show alias in tabs/titles;" behavior is now always enabled

* Removed "Show formatting toolbars;" the setting in conversations'

  "Options" menu now affects the global preference

* Removed "Show timestamps;" behavior is now enabled, but is overridden

  by the timestamp plugin

* Removed all protocol options pages

* Removed "Escape closes windows;" default key binding is now Ctrl-W

* Removed "Gaim usage" and "Idle time reporting" preferences; behavior

  now always uses mouse/keyboard when available

* Removed "Log when buddies sign on/sign off/become idle/become

  un-idle/go away/come back" and "Log your own actions;" all of these

  will be logged when the system log is enabled

* Removed the separate ignore formatting preferences; behavior has been

  consolidated into a single preference

Ainda não instalei porque está a fazer o download. Vou já instalar e fazer uma pequena análise aqui para o P@P...


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Lol :) já estou a usar desde dia 10 prai :| era uma version que vi nos forums do Ubuntu ainda por cima era .deb por isso foi facil :)

No geral está muito melhor, mais "mariquinhas" que o outro com outros efeitos malucos e tal mas está mais agradavel :)

Tenho de experimentar melhor tudo, mas nota-se que o Google Summer Code fez grandes improves no Gaim :) ainda por cima aquele que mandava naquilo tudo foi trabalhar para o GTalk, logo esperam-se grandes coisas para o gaim :P

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Estive umas 4 horas assim, depois consegui finalmente entrar....

Agora é a minha vez de não conseguir entrar no MSN através do Gaim 1.5. Alem de que ainda não consegui instalar o Gaim através do pacote tar.gz. Quando faço ./configure diz que preciso da biblioteca GTK+ 2.0 pelo menos. Eu saquei a 2.8 e quando faço ./configure para a instalar diz-me que necessita da GLIB...

Alguma forma de instalar o Gaim sem ser através de .tar.gz? Nem que seja adicionando alguns repositorios á sources.list e fazendo apt-get?


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Pode ser que arranges um self extracting file....os conhecidos ficheiros .bin.

São semelhantes ao sistema de instalação do windows, só que por vezes é executado numa consola, outras vezes em modo gráfico. Instalei o java assim....(embora metesse para lá mais umas merdas...).

Fica bem :P ;):)

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