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My browser, the spy: How extensions slurped up browsing histories from 4M users

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Rui Carlos


DataSpii begins with browser extensions—available mostly for Chrome but in more limited cases for Firefox as well—that, by Google's account, had as many as 4.1 million users. These extensions collected the URLs, webpage titles, and in some cases the embedded hyperlinks of every page that the browser user visited. Most of these collected Web histories were then published by a fee-based service called Nacho Analytics, which markets itself as “God mode for the Internet” and uses the tag line “See Anyone’s Analytics Account.”


Fonte: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/07/dataspii-inside-the-debacle-that-dished-private-data-from-apple-tesla-blue-origin-and-4m-people/


Desde há algum tempo que temos regras CSP definidas aqui no fórum, e temos uma quantidade significativa de erros por conteúdos que foram bloqueados mas que não estão nas nossas páginas.  Alguns parecem inócuos, mas também há vários casos de imagens/scripts para tracking e ads.  Enfim, o panorama das extensões para browsers não inspira muita confiança.

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