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Casas decimais


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Bom dia a todos
Preciso da  ajuda do pessoal do forum
Gostaria de permitir apenas duas casas decimais.
Eu poderia definir a caixa de texto apenas numérica, mas não sei como limitar 2 pontos decimais.
ex: 000,00

Private Sub txtPrice_KeyPress(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.KeyPressEventArgs) Handles txtPrice.KeyPress
           Dim keyChar = e.KeyChar
          If Char.IsControl(keyChar) Then
'Allow all control characters./ 'Permitir todos os caracteres de controle.

        ElseIf Char.IsDigit(keyChar) OrElse keyChar = "."c Then
           Dim text = Me.txtPrice.Text
           Dim selectionStart = Me.txtPrice.SelectionStart
           Dim selectionLength = Me.txtPrice.SelectionLength

          text = text.Substring(0, selectionStart) & keyChar & text.Substring(selectionStart + selectionLength)

           If Integer.TryParse(text, New Integer) AndAlso text.Length > 16 Then

 'Reject an integer that is longer than 16 digits.

                e.Handled = True
                ElseIf Double.TryParse(text, New Double) AndAlso text.IndexOf("."c) < text.Length - 3 Then

'Reject a real number with two many decimal places.
                e.Handled = False

            End If
'Reject all other characters.
             e.Handled = True

        End If
      End Sub
End Class

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