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Firefox 63 lançado com novas funcionalidades de privacidade

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Rui Carlos

Latest Firefox Rolls Out Enhanced Tracking Protection


At Firefox, we’re always looking to build features that are true to the Mozillia mission of giving people control over their data and privacy whenever they go online. We recently announced our approach to Anti-tracking where we discussed three key feature areas we’re focusing on to help people feel safe while they’re on the web. With today’s release, we’re making progress against “removing cross-site tracking” with what we’re calling Enhanced Tracking Protection. To ensure we balance these new preferences with the experiences our uses want and expect, we’re rolling things out off-by-default and starting with third-party cookies. You can learn more details about our approach here.


Firefox 63 will prevent cookies tracking you across sites


Firefox now comes with built-in protections against privacy-invading cross-site tracking cookies, thanks to a new feature called Enhanced Tracking Protection.

Enhanced Tracking Protection blocks cookies and storage access from the third-party cookies most typically associated with the type of privacy-harming behavior.


Firefox 63 blocks tracking cookies, offers a VPN when you need one



A second privacy-related feature may be a little more contentious. Starting from tomorrow, a random selection of US Firefox users will be offered a subscription to ProtonVPN. VPNs provide protection and privacy from network eavesdroppers and have become particularly popular by users of public Wi-Fi hotspots in cafes, airports, hotels, and so on.



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