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A Remote Hack Hijacks Android Phones Via Electric Leaks in Their Memory

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Nearly four years have passed since researchers began to experiment with a hacking technique known as "Rowhammer," which breaks practically every security model of a computer by manipulating the physical electric charge in memory chips to corrupt data in unexpected ways. Since that attack exploits the most fundamental properties of computer hardware, no software patch can fully fix it. And now, for the first time, hackers have found a way to use Rowhammer against Android phones over the internet.


In, Wired, 05 de Maio de 2018.

10 REM Generation 48K!
20 INPUT "URL:", A$
30 IF A$(1 TO 4) = "HTTP" THEN PRINT "400 Bad Request": GOTO 50
40 PRINT "404 Not Found"
50 PRINT "./M6 @ Portugal a Programar."


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