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Depois da Apple, o FBI obriga Sony a partilhar dados da playsation

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Sony has handed over information to the FBI on a PlayStation 4 user suspected of planning to travel from Kansas to the Middle East to fight on behalf of a terrorist organization, in what Forbes believes is the first public case of PS4 data being passed to the cops by the tech giant. It also appears to be the first example of Sony providing data on any of its console users after receiving a government order.

In its warrant, the FBI asked Sony for details related to the PlayStation activities of Isse Aweis Mohamud, who was suspected of planning to travel to Iraq, via Egypt, to fight for a terrorist organization. Though the FBI didn't claim he had actively pursued recruitment by ISIS, it did mention the extremist group in its warrant application.

Continua a ler: https://www.forbes.com/sites/thomasbrewster/2018/02/14/sony-playstation-4-data-disclosed-to-feds-in-terrorism-probe/#2c57245a5c7f

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Deve ter andado a jogar CoD...

É uma tendência e isso é apenas parte das situações que são tornadas públicas...

10 REM Generation 48K!
20 INPUT "URL:", A$
30 IF A$(1 TO 4) = "HTTP" THEN PRINT "400 Bad Request": GOTO 50
40 PRINT "404 Not Found"
50 PRINT "./M6 @ Portugal a Programar."


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