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Software Piracy and Linux Adoption

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The open-source software operating system Linux is a free-of-charge substitute to proprietary systems like Microsoft Windows. By using a cross-country data set, this paper finds evidence that increased piracy of proprietary software has a negative impact on adoption of desktop versions of Linux. The interpretation of this result is that the availability of pirated versions of Windows, as well as pirated applications compatible with Windows and OS-X, lead to fewer individuals installing a Linux operating system on their desktop computers. Thus, in the absence of software piracy, Linux would be a more widely used operating system.

Fonte: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2728248

"A paciência é uma das coisas que se aprendeu na era do 48k" O respeito é como a escrita de código, uma vez perdido, dificilmente se retoma o habito"

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Há que realçar (SIC)

"This paper has provided a brief empirical analysis on the relationship between software piracy and the adoption of the open-source operating system Linux for desktop computers. Estimations of the empirical model find negative and significant effects from usage of pirated software on adoption of Linux, consistent with theory as well as the empirical findings of Casadesus-Masanell and Ghemawa"

Ou seja, o estudo é empirico.

Acredito que a adoção subisse, mas não acredito que o fizesse de forma significativa. Acredito que mais depressa existisse um aumento de pessoas que compraria o software que tem pirateado e um aumento de pessoas que adotariam outro software em substituição (open source ou comercial mais barato). Mas, tal como o estudo, também esta minha opinião é emprica! :D

10 REM Generation 48K!
20 INPUT "URL:", A$
30 IF A$(1 TO 4) = "HTTP" THEN PRINT "400 Bad Request": GOTO 50
40 PRINT "404 Not Found"
50 PRINT "./M6 @ Portugal a Programar."


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