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Memória Visual

PHP Developer

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Memória Visual

By the sea to the World, we’re developing digital products for a global audience, creating experiences that people can’t do without.

From cutting edge bot technology with our conversational platform Luna, to online marketplaces and native apps, we take on a wide range of challenges.

As a Memória Visual software engineer, you’ll be working with our development, design and content team. We’re looking for someone with the skills and mindset to take on diversified client projects, as well as on our own products and services.

Up for it?
We’re looking for a developer with at least 2 years experience with PHP and SQL based projects, and a desire to help us make a difference! Here’s the basic recipe:

Must have:
- you love programming
- expert knowledge of PHP and SQL databases;
- solid foundation in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
- experience with a variety of data stores
- knowledge in developing RESTful apis
- experience working with JavaScript client side frameworks

Rather neat if you have:
- experience with AWS
- some experience with Node.js
- fluency in Git and an active Github account
- fortune telling abilities (just kidding)

What now?
We’re based at UPtec Polo do Mar, with sailboats, assorted fish, beaches and the sea at our doorstep.

Want to know a bit more about us? Go to, sit back and enjoy our bot Luna tell a story about our company culture and journey as a team.

Apply here:

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