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Receber uma imagem em função

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Boa tarde, 

Eu estou a tentar receber uma imagem numa função, consegui fazer em VB6, mas não sei como se recebe em VBA7, já andei a tentar e até agora nada, alguem sabe?

Deixo um exemplo de VB6, de uma função que encontrei para mudar o contraste de uma imagem que recebe a imagem por parâmetro.

Public Sub ModifyContrast(ByRef SrcPicture As PictureBox, ByRef DstPicture As PictureBox, ByVal Contrast As Long)

    'Contrast uses a very simple formula:
    ' - Positive contrast pushes values away from the midtone (127).
    ' - Negative contrast pushes values toward the midtone (127)
    'Because a universal adjustment is applied to each channel and pixel in the image, we can use a lookup table
    ' to greatly improve performance.
    Dim contrastTable() As Byte
    ReDim contrastTable(0 To 255) As Byte
    Dim x As Long, y As Long
    Dim colorCalculation As Long
    For x = 0 To 255
        'This line contains the formula for basic contrast correction.  We will calculate contrast for each possible input value
        ' (0 to 255) and store it to a table.  Then we can use this table to quickly modify the entire image.
        colorCalculation = x + (((x - 127) * Contrast) \ 100)
        'Clamp values to 0, 255
        If colorCalculation > 255 Then
            colorCalculation = 255
        ElseIf colorCalculation < 0 Then
            colorCalculation = 0
        End If
        'Store this value in the lookup table
        contrastTable(x) = colorCalculation
    Next x
    'Use the FastDrawing class to retrieve the image's pixels into a standard VB array
    Dim fDraw As FastDrawing
    Set fDraw = New FastDrawing
    Dim imageWidth As Long, imageHeight As Long
    imageWidth = fDraw.GetImageWidth(SrcPicture)
    imageHeight = fDraw.GetImageHeight(DstPicture)
    Dim imagePixels() As Byte
    fDraw.GetImageData2D SrcPicture, imagePixels
    'Now all we have to do is pass each channel value in the image through our lookup table
    Dim QuickX As Long
    For x = 0 To imageWidth - 1
        QuickX = x * 3
    For y = 0 To imageHeight - 1
        'Modify each of red, green, and blue
        imagePixels(QuickX, y) = contrastTable(imagePixels(QuickX, y))
        imagePixels(QuickX + 1, y) = contrastTable(imagePixels(QuickX + 1, y))
        imagePixels(QuickX + 2, y) = contrastTable(imagePixels(QuickX + 2, y))
    Next y
    Next x

    'Paint the modified pixels onto the destination picture box
    fDraw.SetImageData2D DstPicture, SrcPicture.ScaleWidth, SrcPicture.ScaleHeight, imagePixels
End Sub


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