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Commit Porto '16 ~ July 2nd

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Commit Porto is an IT multi-disciplinary conference that will bring together IT professionals from different areas talking about their experience tackling challenges in software development with the latest technology, providing an excellent opportunity for knowledge sharing.

When and where?

July 2nd, 2016. Main Auditorium of FEUP, Porto.

Why should you attend?

Several speakers from a variety of well-known software companies. Last edition we had speakers from Google, Microsoft and eBay just to name a few. This year, we have already announced speakers from: Spotify, Doist, Farfetch, ShiftForward, Critical Manufacturing, Palantir and there are more to come. From Mobile Development to Continuous Integration, from Front-end Development to Scalability Challenges, we will have a broad set of topics. Visit to check the details.

How much?

Cost-free upon registration. Yes, it's free!

Where do you sign?

Just visit our site and register yourself:

Also, stay tuned on and

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