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Frontend Developer for Media Agency in Berlin – Visasponsorship


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My client is looking for a Frontend Web Developer to join the team. You`ll need strong web development skills including HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The ideal candidate will have a keen interest in emerging web standards and best practice around the front-end web stack. The team has a heavy focus on providing a great experience across all devices, so direct experience with responsive layout or mobile web development would be great to see.


* Knowledge of new elements in HTML5 and ability to advice on where these should be adopted.

* Understanding of why mark-up validation is important, and the impact of having an invalid document.

* Strong understanding of the DOM and the relationship between the DOM tree and the rendered web page.

* Understanding of how to traverse the DOM and make dynamic changes to the document from Javascript.

* Understanding of progressive-enhancement applied to client-side behaviour.

* Experience enhancing UI interaction with Javascript. Ability to work with a UX designer and produce client-side interaction based on an agreed brief.

* Good understanding of the box model and browser layout. Ability to explain what effect different CSS instructions have on how a browser renders content.

* Knowledge of CSS layout techniques and ability to explain what is happening.

* Understanding of HTTP and how the browser and server interact. Prior experience applying AJAX enhancement to a site.

* Appreciation of OO design principles.

Our client accepts international applications and offers Visasponsoring.

Interested candidates should send their CV to hr@buerolersch.de

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