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PDFCube 0.0.1

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deathseeker25    6

PDFCube renders PDF presentations with special 3D effects (the omnipresent rotating cube and 5 predefined zoom animations). It adds eye-candy to your PDF presentations, even Latex, Beamer and Prosper ones.

Right now you get a 3D cube transition pressing "c" and you can zoom on 5 areas with "h", "j", "k", "l" and "z" keys or simply switching pages with double buffering (no redrawing is visible) and with full anti-alias.

If you want to program your cube transitions in advance give the page you want the transition at on the command line this way (0 means between page 1 and page 2, rudimental but will change soon):

$ pdfcube file.pdf 0 5 10

Rotating cube transition is of great effect when put on a big projection screen, so be moderate! One or two cube transitions done when changing argument can help understanding that you are switching to a new part of the presentation. On the other hand using cube transition on every page can give seasickness to your audience :P

You'll need an OpenGL DRI enabled Xorg. GPL ATI 9250 driver is OK, i've not tested other cards.

This is alpha software (and right now it's a quick hack too), but once you manage to get it working it's fairly stable and usable.

If you want to hack on the code feel free to contact me at <> either via mail or via jabber.

Parece bem fixe. Para além de um cube desktop com o XGL temos agora um cube pdf viewer. :D

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