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[Info] Lançamento Europeu da PS3

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INFO GATHERED FROM LONDON'S - event with Phil Harrisson (December 12th 2006)

Playstation 3 european launch within the first 2 weeks of March 2007, as explained to me, Sony's financial year ends on the 3rd week of March and therefore they want to launch before the next finanacial year begins. Judging that UK consoles always release on a friday expect the european launch on either the 2nd or 9th of March. Though a strong hint was that they are hoping to drop the playstation 3 on the 3rd day of the 3rd month (march 3rd).

On the same day as playstation 3's euro launch SCE are to distribute there march firmware update with features including:

- multi-tasking (included will be audio/video conferencing while browsing the xmb and its features/ gameplay).

- new xmb display options

- new animations for audio playback.

- new photo album options.

- playstation store auto ressume

- psp remote play advanced access option (so that you can have access to your ps3's content anywhere that has a internet connection)

Firmware will be constantly updated, with the view of a tv tuner and tivo like service to be available in the 3rd quater of 2007.

Also it is hoped that the same week as the euopean launch of the system will also see the worldwide launch of the ps3's HDip Camera (specifications to be announced at a later date). In terms of other accessories, Sony dont see it as a necesity to manufacture playstation branded headsets, keyboards or mice, as put to me by Jonathun of SCE's 'Third party companies can offer these accessories to the consumer at a price which SCE could not compete'.

A extension to the Sony online store will also make its debut in march. Titled 'Sing Store', PS3 owners will be able to purchase songs for there 'Sing Star' kareoke programme from a slew of artists and will also be given the option to view the songs purchased as music videos via the video playback option within the xmb.

In terms of the european online store, while still being extremley vague, a spokesman for SCE europe was able to explain that Sony would have no defense if they were to charge the european consumer more than in other regions as there are no extra costs on digital distribution as apposed to a product with packaging etc. So expect a $15.00 download to cost people in the UK around £6.50.

Other notes:

- PS3 will be sold at £425 or lower, meaning we could have it cheaper then the previousley stated price.

- Dont expect to see 20GB models available in europe.

- No VGA cables to be released.

- No plans to make RSX available to Linux OS, due to security issues.

- A service to reserve your playstation online id will be up and running this weekend or next.

Fonte: E-mpire

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