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Google's adventures in open source

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Esta entrevista foi lançada ontem e gostei do que li, pelo que decidi partilhar aqui no fórum.  É uma entrevista ao Chris DiBona, o gestor de software open source no Google. São referidos aspectos muito interessantes, portanto recomendo que leiam para ficarem a saber mais em relação á posição do Google perante o software open source.

The Mountain View, California-based company has versions of software such as Ubuntu running on its own machines, according to DiBona, the open-source programs manager at Google. For outsiders, it has recently released the Google Web Toolkit under an open-source licence. The Java software development kit is designed to help programmers create Web 2.0 applications.

In addition, the source code for a company-sponsored project called Net Trust was recently published on Google Code, its collaboration space for open-source developers. Net Trust, a project started by L. Jean Camp at Indiana University, is an online anti-phishing initiative. Websites are flagged as trustworthy or not depending on what the members of an internet user's social network think of them.

Despite all this activity, Google is also a firm believer in proprietary software, says DiBona.


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Which versions of Linux do you use?

We use Goobuntu, which is our version of Ubuntu, internally for our desktops. And then we derived our server systems from an old Red Hat install, but it has changed so much that's it's really our own now. We used to track with Red Hat when it came to operating systems, but now it's so trimmed down and different that it's really not that anymore.


How does Google view the mix between open source and closed source? You appear to be a nice example of a mixed-source company.

They clearly do live together. We have a lot of software we'll never release that runs on top of the open-source base distribution that we use here.

What do you feel is the great benefit of open source?

It's all about flexibility for us. The terrific thing about open-source software is that we don't have to ask anyone's permission before we make changes to our operating systems. We don't have to ask anyone's permission before we make changes to our databases. We don't have to pay any per-client licence fees for these things. This is really important, not just from a cost savings point of view, but from a flexibility and speed point of view.

We get terrific value from being able to do what we like with our computers. Nobody is incentivised to tell us no — none of our competitors, none of our friends. It's really remarkable. I wish that more companies would recognise this. There is a very real cost to buying software that is well beyond the financial. Buying software means you have to really trust who you interact with, because they know things about you. And they have the power to slow you down, so you have to be very careful when you pick your partners. The great thing about open source is you are your own partner.

A parte que eu achei mais interessante  :D

Bom post.

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