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Login em camadas

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Boa tarde! estou desenvolvendo um sistema de login em camadas,mas ele só está identificando o usuário com ID =1

E não identifica os outros usuários.

Segue o código:

Public Class CredantialsBAL
Public Class CredantialsBAL
Public ID As String
Public Function authenticate(username As String, password As String) As Boolean
Dim dal As CredantialsDAL = New CredantialsDAL()
Dim dTable As DataTable = dal.getAuthentication()

Dim found As Boolean = False
For Each dRow As DataRow In dTable.Rows
If (username = dRow("username").ToString()) AndAlso password = dRow("userpassword").ToString() Then
ID = dRow("id").ToString()
found = True
End If
If Not found Then
Return False
End If

Return found

End Function
End Class
End Class

Imports DComPostg
Imports Npgsql
Imports Mono
Public Class CredantialsDAL
#Region "Check user Exist"
Public Function getAuthentication() As DataTable

Dim cmd As New NpgsqlCommand("SELECT * FROM login", DComPostg.DComPostg.Conectar)
Dim dTable As New DataTable()
Dim adapter As New NpgsqlDataAdapter(cmd)
adapter.SelectCommand = cmd

Return dTable

End Function
#End Region
End Class

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