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[Resolvido] DropDownList não carrega

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Boas estou com um problema bastante 'estupido' que nunca me tinha acontecido e não consigo encontrar solução no google :X

Tenho um dropdownlist que me dá o seguinte erro:

'DDLedit_importerVendorENV' has a SelectedValue which is invalid because it does not exist in the list of items.

Parameter name: value

No entanto no mesmo form tenho outra ddl que funciona perfeitamente :x

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e com o que é que está a ser preenchida a dropdown?

Pelo erro parece que a dropdown tem um valor selecionado que já não está disponivel.

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Desta maneira:

                   DataNavigateUrlFormatString = "Edit_IMPVEN.aspx?VEN_ID={0}&IMP_CODE={1}&IMPVEN_SM={2}&IMPVEN_INC={3}&IMPVEN_PORT1={4}&IMPVEN_PORT2={5}&IMPVEN_PORT3={6}&IMPVEN_TIME={7}&IMPVEN_ENVIRONMENT={8}"
                   Text="Edit" >
                   <ControlStyle ForeColor="#0066FF" />

Imports System.Data.SqlClient
Imports System.Data
Partial Public Class Edit_IMPVEN
   Inherits System.Web.UI.Page
   Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
       If Not IsPostBack Then
           Dim strImpVenID As String = Request.QueryString("VEN_ID")
           Dim strImpVenCode As String = Request.QueryString("IMP_CODE")
           Dim strImpVenSM As String = Request.QueryString("IMPVEN_SM")
           Dim strImpVenINC As String = Request.QueryString("IMPVEN_INC")
           Dim strImpVenPORT1 As String = Request.QueryString("IMPVEN_PORT1")
           Dim strImpVenPORT2 As String = Request.QueryString("IMPVEN_PORT2")
           Dim strImpVenPORT3 As String = Request.QueryString("IMPVEN_PORT3")
           Dim strImpVenTime As String = Request.QueryString("IMPVEN_TIME")
           Dim strImpVenEnvironment As String = Request.QueryString("IMPVEN_ENVIRONMENT")

           txbedit_importerVendorID.Text = strImpVenID
           txbedit_importerVendorCode.Text = strImpVenCode
           DDLedit_importerVendorSM.SelectedValue = strImpVenSM
           txbedit_importerVendorINC.Text = strImpVenINC
           txbedit_importerVendorPORT1.Text = strImpVenPORT1
           txbedit_importerVendorPORT2.Text = strImpVenPORT2
           txbedit_importerVendorPORT3.Text = strImpVenPORT3
           txbedit_importerVendorTime.Text = strImpVenTime
           DDLedit_importerVendorENV.SelectedValue = strImpVenEnvironment
       End If

Edited by thoga31

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Ai não mostra como está a ser preenchida.

Poe um breakpoint na linha que atribui o selectedValue e verifica o conteúdo dos items da dropdown

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