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2.5 Slider

2.5.1 Slider anable

Set it at ON or OFF depands on if you would like to show the slider in this template.

2.5.2 Slider style

Choose a slider style you want to use in this template.

4.1 JaW Slider

To upload images go to Admin → Components → jaw‐slider → New. First prepare images on the additonal size – for the best results, use image width 940px and height 470px. If you uploaded a bigger image it will be automatically resized.


Write a Slide name and Slide description of your picture and upload image via casual way. The name will be shown in the slider (leave it empty if you don´t want to show some text). The description is for your information only.


The picture also can link to same URL you choose or it can be simply shown only in Lightbox.

When the image is uploaded you can see it in the list at Admin → Components → jaw‐slider.

5.4 JaW Slider

This is the module which shows the slider. Set it to the slider position and choose on which page it will be shown.

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