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Programa para correr .exe


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Bom dia pessoal,

Estou com um problema neste programa que é eu correr o programar e quando faço a selecção do ficheiro .exe que quero correr o mesmo, não corre e o programa termina.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <windows.h>
int main()
int opcao;opcao=0;
printf("Escolha o programa que deseja correr:\n");
printf("1- Solution Control Interface\n");
printf("2- Configuration Manager\n");
printf("3- Harvest\n");
printf("4- Toad\n");
printf("5- Interaction Routing Design\n");
printf("6- Keepass\n");
printf("7- Remote Desktop Manager\n");
printf("8- Sair\n");
scanf("%i", &opcao);
            case 1:
                 system("C:\\Program Files\\GCTI\\Solution Control Interface start\\sci.exe");
            case 2:
                 system("C:\\Program Files\\GCTI\\Configuration Manager\\sce.exe");
            case 3:
                 system("C:\\Program Files\\CA\\AllFusion Harvest Change Manager\\ADvantage.exe");
            case 4:
                 system("C:\\Program Files\\Quest Software\\Toad for Oracle\\TOAD.exe");
            case 5:
                 system("C:\\Program Files\\GCTI\\Interaction Routing Designer");
            case 6:
                 system("C:\\Program Files\\KeePass Password Safe 2");
            case 7:
                 system("C:\\Program Files\\Devolutions\\Remote Desktop");
            case 8:
                 printf("A desligar...!\n");

Que estou aqui a fazer de mal?

Obrigado pela ajuda.


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