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É possível mais de um subreport no reportviewer?

Nelson Sousa

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Mas tenho uma dúvida quanto aos datasources.

Vou criar um para cada sub-report dentro do mesmo SubreportProcessingEvent?

Veja como faço para 1 sub-report:

   Public Sub SubreportProcessingEvent(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As SubreportProcessingEventArgs)
	    Dim ds_Subs As DataSet
	    Dim Busca As New Cls_Dados
	    ds_Subs = Busca.RetornarDataSet(str_SQL_Sub_Report)
	    Dim rptDataSource As New ReportDataSource _
										  ("DS_Sub", ds_Subs.Tables(0))
    Catch ex As Exception
	    MessageBox.Show(ex.Message, My.Application.Info.Title, _
									 MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error)
    End Try
   End Sub
Edited by Nelson Sousa

Um Abraço,

Nelson Sousa

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Acabei resolvendo fazendo um loop dentro do SubreportProcessingEvent

	    For I = 0 To (int_Qtde_Subs - 1) 'Faz loop pela qtde de subs informada na int_Qtde_subs
		    ds_Subs = Busca.RetornarDataSet(str_SQL_Sub_Report(I))
		    Dim rptDataSource As New ReportDataSource("DS_Sub" & I, ds_Subs.Tables(0))

Um Abraço,

Nelson Sousa

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