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NetStumbler - Análise e diagnostico de redes Wireless

For a Swiss Army knife of wireless network diagnostics“NetStumbler” is saddled with a somewhat unfortunate name. Although it implies a sort of blind luckNetStumbler is actually most useful for pinpointing details of a wireless networkhelping you configuresecureoptimize and discover

Requiring Windows 2000XP or newerNetStumbler functions best with a supported wireless card. Determining precisely which cards are fully supported can take some sleuthing.

NetStumbler fully supports cards based on the Proxim 8410-WD and 8420-WDwhich have most commonly been sold under the names Orinoco Classic Gold and Orinoco Gold. Other cards based around this chipset include the Dell TrueMobile 1150Compaq WL110and Avaya Wireless 802.11b PC Card. Also supported are cards based on the Intersil (now owned by Conexant) Prism and Prism2 wireless chipsetssuch as the popular D-Link DWL-650. Unfortunatelythere is no single comprehensive source of information on wireless card chipsets and retail models. Seattle Wireless maintains a wikiand NetStumbler hosts user-submitted compatibility reportsalthough they do not indicate which chipset a card uses.

Wireless cards which are fully supported in NetStumbler are able to report accurate noise and signal strength levels. The latest 0.4 version of NetStumbler partially supports most wireless cardsbut those without full support will not be reliable for noise and strength readingsand may cause instability in NetStumbler itself.

Getting Off the Ground

NetStumbler and Windows Wireless Zero Configuration service do not play well together. The 0.4 version of NetStumbler includes a feature called “Auto Reconfigure” which you can enable by clicking the “two gears” icon on the toolbar or through the ViewOptions menu. With Auto Reconfigure enabledNetStumbler will make an effort to stop the WZC service upon launchingand restore it upon exit. Alternativelyyou can take control of the situation by enabling and disabling WZC yourself (Windows Control PanelAdministrative ToolsServicesWireless Zero Configuration).

Some wireless cards will not see all available access points unless their SSID is set to blank or “ANY.” AgainNetStumbler with Auto Reconfigure enabled will attempt to set your wireless card accordingly while running.

When NetStumbler launchesyou may see two entries for your wireless card under the Device menu. The first entry includes the chipset name for your card (such as “Prism2”)whereas the second reads “NDIS.”

Which to use? The easiest way to tell is to run NetStumbler within reach of a known functioning access point. Choose the first device entry and see if the AP shows up in NetStumbler’s window. If yesyour card is fully supported by NetStumbler. Do not use the NDIS device.

If the first device entry does not detect the AP in a few secondstry the NDIS entry. If this worksyour card is partially supportedand will not return reliable data for noise and signal strength. You can continue to use NetStumbler’s other features in NDIS mode.

If neither device driver detects the APtry using your wireless card’s management utility to manually set its SSID to blank or “ANY”. If none of these combinations detect the AP under NetStumbleryou may have a funky wireless card which cannot be used with NetStumbler.

AiroPeek - Real-Time Network Analytics for Enterprise WLANs

Real-Time Network Analytics for Enterprise WLANs

Enterprises are implementing 802.11 technology due to its simplicitymobilityand low cost of ownership.

HoweverWLANs force network engineers to address unique wireless challenges such as wireless network securityhardware configurationsperformance and optimization calculationsand other wireless specific events. Faced with these complexitieshow can network engineers ensure that their WLANs meet rising expectations for WLAN security and performance while maintaining the promise of ease-of-use and low cost of ownership?

WildPackets' AiroPeek product line provides comprehensive solutions with capabilities ranging from an initial site survey to real-time application troubleshooting. AiroPeek has been specifically designed to address the unique challenges that are introduced by the convenience of a wireless network. Designed to accelerate the troubleshooting of WLAN-specific problemsAiroPeek features powerful problem detection heuristics and 802.11-specific diagnostic capabilities.

These portable 802.11 analyzers cover the full spectrum of wireless LAN management requirementsincluding site surveyssecurity assessmentsclient troubleshootingWLAN monitoringremote WLAN analysiscomplete VoIP analysisand application layer protocol analysisproviding network engineers with the real-time analysis they need to keep WLANs secure and performing optimally.

AirSnort - WEP Cracking


AirSnort is a wireless LAN (WLAN) tool which recovers encryption keys. AirSnort operates by passively monitoring transmissionscomputing the encryption key when enough packets have been gathered.

802.11busing the Wired Equivalent Protocol (WEP)is crippled with numerous security flaws. Most damning of these is the weakness described in " Weaknesses in the Key Scheduling Algorithm of RC4 " by Scott FluhrerItsik Mantin and Adi Shamir. Adam Stubblefield was the first to implement this attackbut he has not made his software public. AirSnortalong with WEPCrackwhich was released about the same time as AirSnortare the first publicly available implementaions of this attack.

AirSnort requires approximately 5-10 million encrypted packets to be gathered. Once enough packets have been gatheredAirSnort can guess the encryption password in under a second.


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