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Frontend Developer (HTML 4/5, CSS, JS) for Berlin

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About the agency:

My client is a hybrid web development agency / startup based in

Berlin. We do client work mostly for the media industry and

other startups and also develop our own products. We combine the

latest technology with beautiful, emotional designs and have fun

doing so.

We integrate our developers into the project planning process

and only create custom solutions that bring across our own

personality and that of our clients. In addition we are keen on

supporting open source projects and spending time on further


They are all about goals. The goals of our clients, our

employees and our company. Once these goals have been identified

we strive to achieve them with dedication to grow in the chosen


What we expect:

- expert skills in Javascript, HTML5, CSS3.

- experience with CSS preprocessors (Sass, less, stylus) and

HTML templating languages (e.g. Haml, handlebars).

- experience with different JS libraries (e.g. jQuery,

underscore.js) and MV* frameworks (e.g. AngularJS, spine,


- experience with frontend deployment processes and tools like


- knowledge of SCM, preferably git.

- passion about creating meaningful products.

- flexibility and responsibility.

- an eye for details.

What you will do:

- work on different projects with state of the art technologies.

- implement beautiful, extraordinary designs.

- help realizing intriguing products.

- optimize user experience and interaction with Javascript and


- work in a small team with talented people.

Feel free to apply at

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