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Python Developer for Berlin based company wanted. Permanent onsite position.

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About the Job

My client is one of the fastest growing digital agencies in Berlin and is part of the largest group of agencies in the world. They have over 650 staff across the globe and are expanding at a rapid rate. They are currently looking for Python / Django developers on a permanent basis. You will be working in fantastic offices in Central Berlin within a great technical team.


• Take a key role in future development of our Django, CSS/XHTML and jQuery codebase.

• Work with our existing technical team to architect the next phase of our systems, including

extending our API and working with new technologies.

• Maintain and add functionality to our existing sites, in particular handle requests for new

functionality. There are lots of fun things we want to add to the new service.


We need someone who has:

• Fluency in Python 2.5+ and experience of building or contributing to large Django web applications.

• A good understanding of RESTful web services and, ideally, experience of developing/extending a RESTAPI.

• Experience of, or an interest in, real-time push/long-polling technologies, such as node.js

and Websockets.

• Experience of, or an interest in, working on high-availability and highly scalable systems.

• Experience of test-driven development, or at a minimum significant use of unit testing.

• Familiarity with Django pluggable apps (e.g. django-registration, django-profiles, django notifications and django-paypal). Familiarity with South for database migrations is also a plus.

• Experience of, or an interest in, working with and tuning PostgreSQL, as well as Apache and Nginx.

• Experience of working with SVN or Git.

• Experience with writing unit tests and CI systems like Hudson.

• Experience of, or interest in, new or emerging platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 are highly advantageous


• Self-starting - you will be the second in-house developer on the project, working with the

lead developer and technical director.

• Keen to explore new technologies

• Keen to write highly performing, robust and well-tested code. Someone, somewhere, is going to be using our system, so downtime has to be kept to an absolute minimum.

• A stickler for good development practices - from a responsible approach to check-ins to controlled

codebase deployment to readable, useful documentation.

• Prepared to champion the integrity and performance of the system

• Comfortable expressing opinions within the business - we're all very friendly, but we need someone who always speaks their mind.

Feel free top apply at

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