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[Resolvido] levelOrder


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Eu tenho que implementar este algoritmo

Create a queue called nodes

Create an unordered list called results

Enqueue the root onto the nodes queue

While the nodes queue is not empty {

Dequeue the first element from the queue

If that element is not null

! ! Add that element to the rear of the results list

Enqueue the children of the element on the nodes queue


Add null on the result list


Return an iterator for the result list

public Iterator<T> levelorder() {
	ArrayUnorderedList<T> tempList = new ArrayUnorderedList<T>();
	QueueADT<T> queue = new LinkedQueue<T>();
	BinaryTreeNode<T> node = null;

	while (!queue.isEmpty()) {

		if (node != null) {
			if (node.left != null) {
			if (node.right != null) {
		} else {
	return tempList.iterator();

So que da-me este erro

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException

at estruturas_auxiliares.LinkedQueue.dequeue(LinkedQueue.java:132)

at ficha10.LinkedBinaryTree.levelorder(LinkedBinaryTree.java:202)

at estudar_exame.Estudar_Exame.main(Estudar_Exame.java:34)

Java Result: 1

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