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[Resolvido] Guardar Data SQL DB


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Olá, eu tenho isto:

cmd.CommandText = " Insert into cc( [id], [Number], [Name], [Acc_name], [Pin_Code], [sec_code], [Exp_date], [inac]) Values (@ID, @Number, @Name, @acc_name, @Pin_code, @Sec_code, @Exp_date, @Inac)"
			 cmd.Parameters.Add("@ID", SqlDbType.Int).Value = identify
			 cmd.Parameters.Add("@Number", SqlDbType.Int).Value = Int(txtNumber.Text)
			 cmd.Parameters.Add("@Name", SqlDbType.NChar).Value = txtName.Text
			 cmd.Parameters.Add("@acc_name", SqlDbType.NChar).Value = cbAccount.Text
			 cmd.Parameters.Add("@pin_code", SqlDbType.Int).Value = txtPin.Text
			 cmd.Parameters.Add("@sec_code", SqlDbType.Int).Value = txtSecCode.Text
			 cmd.Parameters.Add("@exp_date", SqlDbType.Date).Value = DPExp.Value.Date
			 cmd.Parameters.Add("@Inac", SqlDbType.Int).Value = CType(cbInactive.Checked, Integer)

O meu problema é que só queria que ficasse guardado a data do tipo "19-05-2002" e não "19-05-2002 00:00:00"

O datepicker já está definido como short.

Alguma ideia?


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