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[importante] nao verificar 2 vezes a função getcontrolfullname

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eu tenho o seguinte codigo

Private sub BuildStylersList()
stylers =new  List (of Istyle)
styledControls = new List (Of String)
dim assembly = reflection.Assembly.getExecutingAssembly
dim sb=new system.text.stringbuilder

for each t in assembly.getType
if implementsIStyle(t)
dim obj =activator.createInstance(t)
dim sty = ctype(obj, Istyle)

End if
End sub

Public sup Applystyle(byval theform as control)
if stylers Is nothing then BuildStylesList()
dim fullname = getControlFullName(theForm)
if styledControls.contains(fullName) then Exit sub
For each c AS control In theform.controls
if c.HasChilden then Applystyle(c)
For each s in stylers
End sub 

Private Function GetContolFullname(Byval c as Control) AS string


end function

Private Function ImplementStyle(byval objectType AS Type) As Boolean
dim int = getType(Istyle)
for each thisInterface AS type In ObjectType.GetInterfaces 
If thisInterface Is int Then _
Return true 
End Fucntion

o que eu queria saber era como coloco um ciclo na função GetContolFullname, para que não verique 2 vezes o mesmo fullname.

Assim, se quiser actulizar, este não ira permitir.


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guardas num array os nomes que ja verificas.t e so fazes o ciclo caso nao exista.

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