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José Oliveira

Joomla! festeja o 1º aniversário (1 Setembro)

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José Oliveira

Um ano depois do seu nascimento e com um desenvolvimento rápido e uma enorme uso de muitos, o Joomla! festeja o seu primeiro aniversário.

Para breve espera-se a poderosa versão 1.5.

Happy First Birthday, Joomla!       

Friday, 01 September 2006 

Brian Teeman and Johan Janssens celebating our first birthday.How time flies ... Joomla! is one year old today.  With more than 2.5 million downloads, over 50 thousand members and fast approaching half a million posts — Joomla! has much to celebrate.  The one most telling factor in all this is the monthly data transfer is currently hovering at around 1.8 terrabytes.  To put this into perspective, we reported data usage of one terrabyte in May.  Astounding growth.

The core team wants to take this opportunity to thank the many who have supported the project with their skills, support and donations.

"There is no doubt the project, born from difficult times with the Mambo split, has both matured and grown," said project lead Johan Janssens.  "The milestones we have created this year include a more robust set of systems; hosting supported by Rochen, the Simple Machines Forums, Developer support through VA Software and, of course the amazingly successful Extension site."

Johan said the momentum created by the team, developers and the community since Sept 01, 2005, had ensured Joomla! a bright and prosperous future.  "We saw baby Joomla! born exactly 12-months ago and how 'he' has matured in what seems a blink.  During this time of evolution, we have been working hard on the next generation Joomla! — to be called version 1.5 — which will be more powerful than anything before."

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