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Videos Técnicos "What the Hack"

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videos inteiros gravados na conferencia "What the hack"

videos técnicos sobre os temas do momento na segurança

Full length Videos of the Lectures

From What The Wiki?!

Missed a lecture or even missed WhatTheHack? WhatTheShame! But it could be worse. The volunteer broadcasting team of Rehash has collected tons of footage for you. For the full-length videos of the presentationscheck out the link "track"which can be found with every abstract and in each slot of the Program Schedule along with the according lecture:

Schedule Day 1

Schedule Day 2

Schedule Day 3

Schedule Day 4

To view the video footage in mp4-formatyou need a player that can handle that formatfor instance VLCXineMplayer or QuickTime. If you don't have one yetyou can download quicktime for free from Apple or you can get VLC (even more free) from VideoLan - both should run on most OS:es.

Enjoy the knowledge of the experts that have gathered at WhatTheHack!

PS: The Rehash-Server is kind of at its max at the moment. We work on it. A little bit of patience. :P

Bine 4 August 2005 11:17 (CEST)


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