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o what the hack é uma reunião da tribo muito interessante e nas terras Europeias... para quem nunca foi e antes de falar sem saber aqui fica um video de alguem que lá esteve e documentou num video pessoal mas que dá para se ver o que se passa... + ou -

site para download e ver depois off-line

contrariamente ao que muita gente e apesar de não ser uma reunião secreta de super-guerreiros é sim um optimo evento para a reunião da tribo e para se trocar conhecimentos profundos do meio... depende claro dos contactos de cada um... os turistas são sempre turistas em qualquer parte do mundo


What the Hack

From Wikipediathe free encyclopedia

What The Hack was an outdoor hacker conference held in LiempdeThe Netherlands between the 28th and 31st of July2005. It has been the most recent event in a sequence that began with the Galactic Hacker Party in 1989followed by Hacking at the End of the Universe in 1993Hacking In Progress in 1997 and Hackers At Large in 2001.

Main tents

Police Camping TruckThe organising name was "HEX 2005"howeverit was later renamed to "WTH 2005".

Over 2000 hackernerds and geeks visited the event to participate in an exchange on several technicalsocial and philosophical matters of importance to the technically inclined community. Visitors from all over the world arrived at the Camp Ground including groups of such diversity as OpenBSD developersthe German Chaos Computer Clubmembers of the 2600 hackergroupand numerous smaller groups and organisations in addition.

While planning the eventthere were several issues with the local government attempting to cancel the event because of "the risk for public security".

Several smaller events were embedded in or inspired by this event like the Hacktrainwhich was planned to travel thereas well as the local radio stationand the smaller Police village which featured specialists from their IT Departmentas well as interested government parties. Peg DHCP (RFC 2322) was used during the event to allocate IP addresses. The method had been first devised and used at Hacking In Progress.

Lectures and events included:

Reverse engineering Microsoft .NET

Cyborgs: Practical Experimentation

Attacks on Digital Passports

Using Linux for Embedded Devices

Doing a WiFi Long-Shot

Symbian Security

Do We Run Out of Oil?

How to Lower Electricity Consumption in Your Home

The Politics of Psychedelic Research

wiki do "What the Hack"


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