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What a cyberwar with China might look like

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It's August 2020. A powerful and rising China wants to bring the city-state of Singapore into its fold as it has with Hong Kong, Macau and Taipei.

Its first physical attacks against Singaporean assets are still weeks away. But already, China has launched a massive cyber campaign, designed largely to degrade and disrupt the communications capabilities of the U.S., Japan and other allied nations.

Members of the Chinese military's 60,000 strong cyber warfare group have deeply penetrated U.S. defense, government and corporate networks and are already manipulating and controlling them.

When the Chinese army finally launches its first attack against a Singaporean guided missile frigate in the South China Sea in September, U.S armed forces quickly find their communications capabilities severely compromised. Personal computers, radio, satellite communications capabilities and battlefield communication hardware are all but crippled.



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David Pintassilgo
3.6) Não será tolerada qualquer tipo de falta de respeito para com outro utilizador, o respeito deve ser mutuo e o nosso objectivo é manter a comunidade com um espirito agradável. Mensagens desta natureza serão apagadas sem qualquer aviso para com o autor das mesmas, e dependendo da gravidade das mesmas poderão levar o utilizador a ser punido com uma sanção

cool stuffs to check.


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Além de que isto é pura especulação sem qualquer interesse nenhum, nem sequer cientifico...

10 REM Generation 48K!
20 INPUT "URL:", A$
30 IF A$(1 TO 4) = "HTTP" THEN PRINT "400 Bad Request": GOTO 50
40 PRINT "404 Not Found"
50 PRINT "./M6 @ Portugal a Programar."


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