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EXCELENTE - transcrição de uma conversa de chat de um grupo Balck Hat

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chat logs de conversas anteriores e sobre a preparação de ataques reais (claro que só são mostradas algumas coisas que não revelam dados sobre ataque, claro, mas dá para ver como funciona um grupo de cracking... qualquer semelhança com o meu comportamento stressado é pura coincidência... ainda vocês dizem coisas de mim lol... famosos ataques que aconteceram recentemente, como:

HBGary Federal Security Fail


Gawker Breach: 1.3 Million Accounts Exposed


Anonymous #HQ: Inside The Secret War Room

So, Hubris/A5h3r4/Metric have broken into the inner circle of at least one cell of Anonymous.

I say "cell" because I do not think that these users are the actual full scale leaders of Anonymous, instead, as I have said before, there are cell’s of Anon’s that perform operations sporadically.

These folks, if the chat transcripts are true, are the ones behind the HBGary hack, and at least one of them, the Gawker hack.

    John Cook and Adrian Chen — Dissident members of the internet hacktivist group Anonymous, tired of what they call the mob’s “unpatriotic” ways, have provided law enforcement with chat logs of the group’s leadership planning crimes, as well as what they say are key members’ identities. They also gave them to us.

    The chat logs, which cover several days in February immediately after the group hacked into internet security firm HBGary’s e-mail accounts, offer a fascinating look inside the hivemind’s organization and culture.


As you can see below, some of them are at least nervous about being popped or infiltrated.. Those would be the smart ones…

    04:44 <&Sabu> who the frak wrote that doc

    04:45 <&Sabu> remove that frak from existence

    04:45 <&Sabu> first off there is no hierachy or leadership, and thus an operations manual is not needed


    04:46 <&Sabu> frak like this is where the feds will get american anons on rico act abuse and other organized crime laws

    04:47 <@Laurelai> yeah well you could have done 100 times more effective frak with HBgary

    04:47 <@Laurelai> gratted what we got was good

    04:47 <&Sabu> if you’re so fraking talented why didn’t you root them yourselves?

    04:47 <@Laurelai> but it could have been done alot better

    04:47 <&Sabu> also we had a time restraint

    04:48 <&Sabu> and as far as I know, considering I’m the one that did the op, I rooted their boxes, cracked their hashes, owned their emails and social engineered their admins in hours

    04:48 <&Sabu> your manual is irrelevent.


    04:51 <&Sabu> ok who authored this ridiculous “OPERATIONS” doc?

    04:51 <@Laurelai> look the guideline isnt for you

    04:51 <&Sabu> because I’m about to start owning nigg3rs

    04:51 <&marduk> authorized???

    04:52 <@Laurelai> its just an idea to kick around

    04:52 <@Laurelai> start talking

    04:52 <&Sabu> for who? the feds?

    04:52 <&marduk> its not any official doc, it is something that Laurelai wrote up.. and it is for.. others

    04:52 <&marduk> on anonops

    04:52 <&Sabu> rofl

    04:52 <@Laurelai> just idea

    04:52 <@Laurelai> ideas

    04:52 <&Sabu> man

    04:52 <&marduk> at least that is how i understand it

    04:52 <@Laurelai> to talk over

    04:53 <&Sabu> le sigh

    04:53 <&marduk> mmmm why are we so in a bad mood?

    04:53 <&Sabu> my nigga look at that doc

    04:53 <&Sabu> and how ridiculous it is


    04:54 <&marduk> look, i think it was made with good intentions. and it is nothing you need to follow, if you dont like it, it is your good right

    04:55 <&Sabu> no frak that. its docs like this that WHEN LEAKED makes us look like an ORGANIZED CRIME ORGANIZATION




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