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Ferramenta para testar a carga e desempenho de uma aplicação Web

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Test your Web Application with a professional Load & Stress Test Tool



For Professional Users   

Proxy Sniffer was designed and developed especially to meet the requirements of professional

Web Load- and Stress-Testing. The Tool enables the stress-testing and performance measurement of web sitesweb applicationsproxy servers and load balancers.

Universal HTTP/S Web Session Recorder

The proxy-recorder can be used with any Web browser (MSIEFirefoxSafari) to record HTTP/S Web sessionswhich can then be used to automatically create optimized Java-based load test programs.

High-performance GUI - no programming necessary

Recorded Web sessions can be functionally enhanced using the GUI - without the need for scripting or programming. Additional requirementssuch as logon with individual user accountsor the handling of dynamically-exchanged session parameterscan be achieved with a few mouse clicks. An integrated "Variable Finder" helps to easily detect dynamically-exchanged parametersand a GUI-based "Variable Handler" allows the extraction of values from web pages and their automatic assignment to requests in succeeding URL calls.

Realistic Test Scenarios

Different Load Test programs - based on different recorded Web Sessions - can be run simultaneously. Multiple client IP addresses can be configured for each load-releasing system in order that a load balancer in front of a web application cluster can be stressed in a realistic way. The network bandwidth can be reduced for each virtual user in order to simulate accessing the Web Application over slow DSL or modem lines.

Unlimited Scalability

By combining several Unix or Windows load releasing systems into an "application cluster"an essentially unlimited high load can be simulated. A load releasing cluster is easily constructed by using the GUI. The load tests are automatically distributed among the clustered systemsand the results are consolidated into a single overall result.

Automatic Protection from "false positive" Results

Proxy Sniffer compares during a load test the content of text-based web pages (HTMLXMLetc.) with the content of original web pages using a unique heuristic algorithmthereby recognizing errors which are only detectable by looking at the actual web page content - even when a correct HTTP response code is returned. This protection against "false positive" results is available automatically.

Definitive SSL Support

All SSL protocol versions are supported (v2v3 and TLS)as well as using X509 client certificates (PKCS#12) - for each virtual user. Additionallythe SSL client-cache can be configuredand the inner processing of the SSL handshake can be logged.

Detailed Error Analysis using Frozen Error Snapshots

When an error occursProxy Sniffer saves a complete copy of all data exchanged between the client and the server in the form of a "frozen snapshot". After the test has been completedor even during the testthe actual error can be analysed to determine the circumstances under which the error occurred. Incorrect Web Pages can also later be represented.

Real-Time Statistics

During a load testthe most important measurements are displayed graphically in real-timeallowing monitoring of the progress of the test. Online access to the "frozen error snapshots" is also possible; thereforeerror analysis does not have to wait for the test to be completed. At any point during the testthe behavior of all simulated users can be observed in real-time.

Detailed Measurement Results

After the end of every testthere are over 14 different diagrams and statistics available. From these resultsa complete formatted test report can be created as a PDF document. Results from different load tests can be compared to each otherallowing the efficiency of tuning measures to be verified. Summary test results can also be exported in CSV format.


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