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Curso OnLine Certificado para Testador de Intrusão

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Quem quiser um bom RoadMap do que aprender para ser um PenTester, veja este PDF sobre o curso. Para saberem os conhecimentos e ferramentas necessárias.


If you're serious about advancing your career in IT security,then you owe it to yourself to spend 1 minute checking out our course.

It will be well worth your effort!

eLearnSecurity is the only course to:

    * Have three authors, each leading respective field of competence.

    * Couple great theoretical explanation with lots of watch and do videos and exercises

    * Bring the student from the basics to the most advanced aspects of every technique without leaving anyone behind

    * Provide the student with strong project management methodology tools to use during real pentests

    * Teach how to build a penetration testing report that talks to executives and developers with their own language

    * Certify that the student is capable of pentesting a real target and producing a comprehensive and risk based report

    * Have an engaging and interactive e-learning environment that truly set itself apart from other distance learning courses

At the end of our course you will master:

    * Modern Information gathering techniques

    * Vulnerability assessments with Nessus

    * Exploitation with Backtrak 4 and Metasploit

    * Buffer overflows in depth

    * Writing your own Remote execution code

    * Writing your own Shellcode

    * Writing your own Rootkit

    * Studying and attacking complex Web Applications

    * Going from XSS to Root

    * Going from SQLi to Root

    * Exploiting Web 2.0 vulnerabilities

Our course qualifies you for 40 CPE, upon eCPPT exam completion.

Becoming an eLearnSecurity Certified Professional Penetration Tester (eCPPT) will prove your skills both at hacking and providing the right business-aware solutions as a professional penetration tester.

This makes the difference.

Módulo SQL Injection oferta DEMO


Mais sobre a Certificação



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    Boa noite,

    Se não fosse tão dispendioso, seria bem mais interessante.

    Gostei do artigo :P

Cordiais cumprimentos,


"A paciência é uma das coisas que se aprendeu na era do 48k" O respeito é como a escrita de código, uma vez perdido, dificilmente se retoma o habito"

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