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Secure Web Services via TCP/IP

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This short article builds on the previous article "Secure Web Service via Message oriented Middleware" [1] and extends the framework developed in the former to cover TCP/IP-based communications.

Since the solution will merely extend the original framework with support for a new communications protocol, all the original facilities (such as the ability to secure data using the Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 1.0) are capable of being utilized within the IP communications channel.

It is strongly recommended that the reader become familiar with the first article prior to reading this one as it explains the rationale for the design of the Microsoft "pluggable protocols" architecture.

Soap was designed as a transport neutral protocol to be used in combination with a variety of transport protocols such as HTTP(S), SMTP, FTP etc. to deliver structured and typed information between two participants. A great deal of work has gone into making ASP.NET Web Services support Soap message generation in a way that promotes interoperability within heterogeneous environments (for example .NET consuming a BEA Weblogic Server hosted Web Service) but to date the standard access to Web Services within the Microsoft arena has been almost exclusively geared to HTTP.

Article goals

Simply, we aim to do the following in this article:

Implement a new transport handler for TCP/IP within the pluggable protocols framework developed in the previous article. This would allow for the support of all the advanced features developed in the earlier code; namely Web Service Enhancements (WSE) security support, DIME support for binary attachments etc.

Introduce a mechanism for altering the Soap content of a message to a proprietary format using Soap Extensions and attributes. We’d typically want to do this when dealing with a legacy back end Service. The use of attributes to decorate Web Service (proxy) methods would mean we could simply remove the attributes at a later date to reinstate the standard Soap data format as the back-end the Service is updated for Soap support.


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