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U.S. subpoenas(intimida) Twitter for Wikileaks info

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a justiça dos USA obrigou o twiter a revelar info de montes de pessoas...

começo logo por perguntar... onde arranjaram a lista das pessoas do wikeleaks? quantas pessoas estão na lista que nada têm a ver? com estas coisas é sempre aproveitado para se "espreitar mais alguém"

não confiem a vossa info em lado nenhum... eu aconselho a que nunca usem dados reais em qualquer site... pois fica tudo numa BD e não sabemos que mexe nessa BD... a maioria dos emails de SPAM são recolhidos pelos próprios admins das BD´s de sites altamente conhecidos...

nós que somos programadores sabemos que toda essa info fica guardada e a minha questão nem são as autoridades, apesar de tb não serem de confiança, mas antes os próprios administradores dos servidores ou BD´s... ou alguém de fora que lá entre.

não estou a falar mal de nenhuma especialidade, pois tb estou incluído no grupo que falei... menos o dos gajos de fora que entram, como é óbvio  :smoke:

The U.S. Department of Justice served Twitter with a subpoena seeking information about the accounts of the Wikileaks organization, its founder Julian Assange and other members and supporters, according to Twitter posts from people involved and documents published by Salon.com.

The DOJ sent Twitter the subpoena on Dec. 14, but it remained sealed until Jan. 5 when a judge granted Twitter's request that it be allowed to notify the users whose records had been requested.

Copies of the documents were posted by Salon.com late Friday night.

The DOJ wants information dating back to Nov. 1, 2009, about Twitter user names, messages, physical and e-mail addresses, Twitter session times, IP addresses and credit card and bank account information.

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Wikileaks is a nonprofit organization that publishes classified, confidential documents, often from government agencies. The DOJ probe likely focuses on Wikileaks' release in November of hundreds of thousands of secret diplomatic cables from the U.S. State Department. The situation has alarmed and embarrassed the U.S. government, which has condemned Wikileaks, saying the release of the documents endangers the country's national security and the safety of soldiers and U.S. government workers.

It wasn't clear Saturday if Twitter had turned over the information.

In addition to Assange, the DOJ is also seeking information from the accounts of Iceland parliamentarian Birgitta Jonsdottir and U.S. soldier Bradley Manning, who is suspected of having assisted Wikileaks with obtaining classified documents and is now in jail awaiting a court martial proceeding.

Separately on Saturday, Assange and Jonsdottir criticized the DOJ, saying the agency shouldn't be forcing Twitter to turn over information.

Speaking to Agence France Presse (AFP), Jonsdottir said Iceland's justice minister is looking into the issue at her request. "I am speaking to U.S. lawyers ... because I want to try to stop that Twitter needs to hand over this information," she told AFP.

Neither the DOJ nor Twitter responded to requests for comment.



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a justiça dos USA obrigou o twiter a revelar info de montes de pessoas...

Os USA conseguiram informações dos bancos suiços... pormenores de contas do Twitter é... enfim... básico?

include <ai se te avio>

Mãe () {


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