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Agora que estou de ferias ando a ver se aprendo algo novo, eu gostava de saber se alguem me pode orientar sobre os topicos que tenho de aprender para fazer um bot que automaticamente preencha um formulario na net e leia o resultado? nao o que tenho de fazer, apenas aquilo sobre que tenho de aprender.


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Obrigado! era mesmo disso que eu precisava. Muito obrigado pela atenção, entretanto tambem recebi um reply noutro forum nao tuga, aproveito para deixar para se alguem quiser saber

Unless if you want it fully automated. You would packet sniff the data it takes to register an account, and mimick it with a bot using a socket.

However, this is a more professional way of doing things if your new to Java.

If you just want to fill out information on a website automatically, use a Macro language. Common ones are AutoIT and AutoHotKey. They were designed for this purpose entirely. But it's just done by replicating mouse clicks and keystrokes, so there's not a lot of power behind it.

If you want to be able to parse the HTML and send it to the server manually, it will be a long project. And will most likely be disorganized the first time you do it.

You should start by learning HTTP protocol, start off in Telnet and learning how to get the server to send you the HTML file that you want. And then after you've done that, make a Java bot that connects a socket to the server, and send that same HTTP protocol you used in Telnet. Then you can do what you want with it, and then send the information back using HTTP protocol again.

However if you're new to Java it's unlikely you will be able to accomplish all this. But to get a good step in the right direction, learn how to code a Java chatbot. There's an IRC bot I posted on here not too long ago. A bot will give you the knowledge of creating a socket and reading from a server. All you would need to know after that is the HTTP protocol.

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