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IBM - Windows-to-Linux roadmap

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um site da IBM destinado a ajudar os utilizadores de windows a melhor tirarem partido do mundo linux aproveitando os seus conhecimentos em windows

a IBM têm feito um excelente trabalho a nivel de "Knowlodge Base"... seguindo o exemplo da M$ a IBM disponibiliza milhares de recursos formativos... um serviço publico... e já agora IBM... Bem vinda no teu retorno  :) a IBM sempre foi um marco nas TI mas andou um bocado apagada...

You're moving from Windows to Linux. You've decided you want the stabilityflexibilityand cost savings of Linuxbut you have many questions in your head. Isn't Linux like UNIX? Isn't UNIX hard? Where do you begin to make sense of all of this? Is there a map you can follow?

This roadmap is designed to help you take the experience and knowledge that you already have in computing and redirect it to working in Linux. It's not the only reference you'll ever needbut it will help you get past some of your first obstacles and adjust to a new andI thinkexciting approach to computing. As you follow this roadmapyou'll discover many new resources to help you learntroubleshootand manage Linux.

We're assuming you already have Linux installed. If you don'tgo to and learn which distributions would fit your needs. You'll also find links to downloads there when you're ready to install.

Your roadmap to Linux 

Step 1.

Thinking in Linux The first step to success in Linux is learning to think in Linux. Take what you already know and redirect it to doing things the Linux way.

Step 2.

Console crash course Linux provides great power and flexibility through the console. If it has been a while since you've spent much time at the command prompttake a little time to reacquaint yourself with this environment by reviewing common commands you'll use all the time.

Step 3.

Introduction to Webmin While it is important to know the nuts and bolts of administrationit is often more convenient to have a tool. Alsoa higher-level application makes complex configurations easier to handle. Webmin provides point-and-click configuration for beginning and experienced administrators.

Step 4.

User administration If a system has no usersis it really a system? Learn about the Linux approach to users.

Step 5.

Linux logging Linux makes extensive use of logging. Nothing is hidden from you. Becoming comfortable and familiar with logs will allow you to monitor the health of your system and track activities.

Step 6.

Working with file systems File systems are at the heart of every server. Linux provides a lot of flexibility in its file systems.

Step 7.

Networking Working unconnected is unthinkable in today's world. Linux on the network unleashes its full potential. HoweverLinux networking looks very different on its face. You'll need to learn some new terminologies and new tools.

Step 8.

Backup and recovery The first line of defense against disaster is a backup of the data. Linux provides different optionssome of which are very simple to work with.

Step 9.

Installing software Linux can use prepackaged binary filesor you can compile programs directly from source code. The tools for installing Linux programs are very useful and provide functionality you might not expect


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Andou apagada mas para empresas ainda continua activa :D

Pelo menos os portateis (ThinkPad) apesar de serem FEIOS pa caramba são autênticos carros de combate :D

Eu até estava a pensar ou num desses ou num Macbook quando for para a univ :D

Acho que é bom que as grandes empresas começem a adoptar linux :D Infelizmente alguns fabricantes lançaram máquinas com Linux e não foi feito nenhum 'Booom' com as ditas cujas :)

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