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SAF-T PT query

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I am posting this message in the hope that someone can help me with regard to implementing the Standard Audit File - Tax for Portugal.

I am trying to get an estimate from people who have worked on this with regard to the amount of time it takes in general to

a) implement both account and billing SAF-T PT xml from the beginning where no programme exists and it needs to be designed and developed

:) implement both account and billing SAF-T PT xml by modifying a programme that already produces the OECD SAF-T standard XML?

this would include functional/technical design, programming, testing including upload to website for file confirmation if available


Is there much difference between the standard SAF-T file and the SAF-T PT file? Approximatley how many additional fields/% difference is there?

Thanks in advance,


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Well, I've closely followed other people working on SAF-T PT and it took some time, a couple of months, mainly because the software in wich it was build wasn't ready at all for something like that and the XML end up being writted in pure C.

Don't know the differences between those versions since I've only used the PT version, but probably it would have differences regarding person's ID, zip-address, etc, those little things that usually have different formats from country to country, if the xml specifications are somewhat similar.

I think there's a online validator for those files though.

What are you trying to accomplish?

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