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programa que nao consegue ler

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int main (int argc, const char * argv[]) 
 int n;
 unsigned ch = 0;
 unsigned char buf[128*1024];

 int res;
 struct timeval Timeout;
 int loop = 1;

 fd_set readfs;

// just in case of make eay stuff - wrong --> char dir = "/b1firmware.b1b";
     printf("Started out app\n");
 for (n=0; n<1; n++)
	 // open file to send
	 int fd  = open("/b1firmware.b1b",O_RDONLY );    
    if( fd < 0) 
	  printf("Can't open the file\n");       
		  unsigned char chFileHeader[64];
		  printf("ficheiro aberto \n");
		  lseek(fd, 0, SEEK_SET);
		  if(read(fd, chFileHeader, sizeof(chFileHeader)) == sizeof(chFileHeader))
			  int iBytesRead =
			  read(fd, buf, sizeof(buf));
			  printf("read %d bytes into buf\n",iBytesRead);
			  // validate CRC
			  unsigned char ourcrc[4];
			  // verfic if file ok no curropt
			  for (int n= 0; n < iBytesRead; n++) 
				  ourcrc[n % 4] ^= buf[n];
			  if(memcmp(ourcrc, chFileHeader+0x3c,4) == 0)
				  printf("file is ok.\n");

				  // got some data...

				  // fd = open("/dev/tty.usbserial-A6007bC3", O_RDONLY);

				  Timeout.tv_usec = 0;  /* milliseconds */
				  Timeout.tv_sec  = 1;  /* seconds */
				   FD_SET(fd, &readfs); 
				  while (loop) 
					  /* set testing for source 1 */
					/* block until input becomes available */
					  res = select(fd, &readfs, NULL, NULL, &Timeout);
					   if ( res == 0) 
						   loop = 0;

está no tempo defenido e após acabar o tempo sai fora tudo bem

o problema é que nunca consigo receber o sinal do aparelho

alguma ideia?

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