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Apresentações mt boas do HITBSecConf2010 Dubai

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material técnico de primeira... as ultimas investigações e descobertas a nível de segurança e testes te intrusão

vale a pena ver.. vão ficar surpreendidos  :smoke: ;):D

KEYNOTE 1 - John Viega - A/V Vendors Aren't As Dumb As They Look

D1 - Daniel Mende - Attacking Cisco WLAN Solutions

D1 - Laurent Oudot - Improving the Stealthiness of Web Hacking

D1 - Dimitri Petropoulos - Attacking ATMs and HSMs **

D1 - Dino Covotsos - Analysis of a Next Generation Botnet

D1 - The Grugq - Crime, Kung Fu and Rice ##

KEYNOTE 2 - Sourcefire - Near Real Time Detection

D2 - Mariano Di Croce - SAP Penetration Testing with Bizsploit

D2 - Fred Raynal + Sogeti - Gathering and Exploiting Information

D2 - Marc Schoenefeld - Examining Android Code with undx2

D2 - Saumil Shah - Web Security - Going Nowhere?

D2 - Gynvael Coldwind - A Case Study of Recent Windows Vulnerabilities



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