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Carregando objectos dinamicamente

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Simples função, mas muito útil para carregar objectos dinamicamente.

    ''' <summary>
    ''' Carrega um objecto dinamicamente.
    ''' </summary>
    Public Function GetDynamicallyObject(ByVal sName As String, _
                                Optional ByVal oArgs() As Object = Nothing) As Object
	' Obtem o namespace da aplicação.
        Dim sAssemblyName As String = [Assembly].GetEntryAssembly().GetName.Name.Replace(" ", "_")
	' Obtem o tipo de objecto
        Dim oType As Type = Type.GetType(sAssemblyName & "." & sName)
	' Activa o objecto
	If oType IsNot Nothing Then
		Return Activator.CreateInstance(oType, oArgs)
		Return Nothing
	End If
    End Function


Dim f as Form = GetDynamicallyObject("Form1")

Making the impossible possible and pwing the world on db at a time.

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