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Realidade Aumentada – Uma nova tendência (mas afinal o que é?)

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What is the augmented reality

The augmented reality or mixed reality is a particular technology which allows adding sensations, images and information generated by a computer to the normally perceived reality. In particular, on special visors worn by the individual, images, writings and virtual objects are produced, thus providing additional information on the real environment. Therefore this is a hyper-environment, a tri-dimensional and interactive one, generated by the computer, made of real objects and virtual objects in which the person is immersed. The user perceives the world like everybody, but with additional information: texts, tri-dimensional, static or moving images, with which they can also interact by means of simple devices.

How Augmented Reality Works


uma cena mt fixe de integração de RA com Maps (ao principio é seca mas deixem avançar)


Realidade Aumentada – Uma nova tendência (mas afinal o que é?)


Augmented reality

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Realidade Aumentada em FLASH


Augmented Reality made easy for everyday life


Blog do Instituto Sergio Motta


Realidade Aumentada: Dicas de Programas e Jogos na webcam


Papervision3D + Augmented Reality: Ligue sua webcam e curta a realidade aumentada pelo FLARToolKit 2.0


Smart Grid


E comercial



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