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someone to work website game style ( with payament )(Portugues )

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Hello !

We need webdesigner or Someone make Games because the website we need in begining page its like a game , but its not a game.  its more simple than a Game, no Level 1, Level 2,Level 3. only the first presentation.

search in Google

( LA ROUX Golden Tour )

or  New Gorillaz official website style

we dont have record companie

we are a Band of 2 elements

We need prices of making website in the style of the LA ROUX  band  with quality .

What we need is  :

In website of La Roux


this is we need Interative street but not a copy of course  ( the ideia is a street with clubs and when you click in the doors some clubs play a song of my band and other houses or clubes have other things noises, or the door open and a guitar jump to the street, other door in other club you click in door and you have fights confusion, you click in other door, you have Sex at the door.

or other ideia,

My Band name is THE ZOO , we play Electronic Pop music , ( Like YAZOO,Depeche mode 80,Kraftwerk)  but  in Portuguese Language )

and of course the normal tabs for HOME /VIDEO/ SOCIAL NETWORKS / STORE / PHOTOS / CONTACT /

Only in begining of the website  a welcome page with this  interative  street .

the Ideia of my band and the Name is THE ZOO, The worl is mad, people Bad, crazy things in the world we are in a ZOO World .

We dont  have to mutch context but in future  the webdesigner can make updates.

we have Little information, only photos, the album , no show dates, no record companie, only a TV Program show in Youtube, the Feedback in social networks like , Myspace,Hi5,facebook

We want to trie sell the album in the website with paypal button, of course for a new band

its dificult, but we can trie.

We need prices and , than we send the myspace page .

the email is




please we need prices and Portofolio of the Webdesigner.

PS -  Pessoal desculpem o texto ser em Ingles ,foi feito para ser posto nos foruns lá de  fora mas já agora arriscamos por aqui talvez apareça algum aventureiro! Pois gostariams de acreditar que haja.

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Sorry !!! the Band webpages

you can put in youtube search:

THE ZOO- Para lá do Longe - Natal dos Hospitais 2009 RTP 1

i can´t put url myspace the Forum not permite.i think !


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