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Remover código malicioso de sites automáticamente

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Existe esta tool muito boa que permite analisar e remover código malicioso e páginas com virus de servidores linux e pode ser automaticamente. MUITO BOM  ;)

estão a trabalhar para brevemente funcar em windows...

Current Features:

    * Detect malicious codes in web pages, this include hidden iframe tags, javascript, vbscript and activex objects.

    * Extensive log shows the infected files and the malicious code.

    * Send email reports.

    * Ability to clean the infected web pages automatically.

    * Easy backup and restore system for the infected files.

    * Simple and editable signature based database.

    * Ability to update the database and the program easily from dedicated server.

    * Very flexible options and easy to use.

    * Fast scanner with good performance.

    * Yes, it's FREE!!



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