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Cyber theft of some $800,000 from its online banking account

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e ainda há quem pense que não há "ataques" às contas de Home Banking  😎

Texas firm countersues bank in connection with $800,000 cyber theft

-  A Texas manufacturing firm last week filed a counter lawsuit against PlainsCapital bank of Lubbock in connection with the cyber theft of some $800,000 from its online banking account.

In a complaint filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Hillary Machinery Inc. of Plano, charged that PlainsCapital failed to adequately protect the stolen money from online thieves. Just as it would not be "commercially reasonable" for the bank to keep cash unguarded from thieves, it was unreasonable that the bank did not have adequate online protections, Hillary's complaint said.

Isto é muito importante: ( E tenham em atenção que há serviços de transferencia online que se baseiam em certificados e credenciais e não há confirmações por telemovel [apesar de isso nao parar, pois há várias coisas que se podem fazer sobre a cena do TM]... por exemplo pagamentos de ordenados e outras cenas dessas)

The dispute is among several involving banks and small businesses whose accounts have been looted in similar fashion, where hackers used valid login credentials to siphon out substantial amounts of money from small business accounts.

Such disputes are raising fundamental questions about due diligence issues and on whether and how much business customers should be held responsible for protecting their online accounts from hackers.



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