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teckV    1

para estudar e treinar REDES nada melhor que usar um simulador de REDES... softwares que simulam o sistema operativo de routes e equipamentos de redes e os respectivos comportamentos...

há varios disponiveis escolham por vós...

listagem de varios



Boson Netsim for CCNP 6.x

Create a simulated virtual Cisco Network with Boson's newest network simulator, also aimed to prep those for CCNP certification. The Boson NetSim for CCNP v6.00 (which includes the Boson Router Simulator) is a new category of simulation product. Many products simulate scripted labs for the end user's experience, without actually emulating what is really happening within the network. Boson's virtual packet technology creates individual packets that are routed and switched through the simulated network, allowing the Boson NetSim to build an appropriate virtual routing table, and emulate true networking. This technology allows many users of the Boson NetSim to go far beyond the scope of the examples in the included labs.

There are no other aftermarket router simulators that offer this much versatility and support. The Boson NetSim?also includes a comprehensive lab menu that contains lessons and labs covering Routing Protocols, Cisco?Devices, Switching, Topological Design, and Much More


RouterSim has been the leader in CCNA™ and CCNP™ network simulator training for past six years. Our Cisco® CCNA™ simulator offers intuitive, easy-to-use simulation programs that are rich in features and commands. Get the hands on experience you need to pass the latest Cisco CCNA™ and CCNP™ exams.

um gratis...  Jimsim

Jimsim is a Network Simulator that simulates up to three virtual routers on your system. Since the routers are all virtual, they communicate over virtual networks within the program. So, there is no worry about causing problems on your real network. You use a telnet program to connect to the virtual routers, who all have a Cisco-like command line interface. Version 1.0 supports three virtual routers, ethernet interfaces, static routing, basic eigrp, CDP, ping, traceroute, debug, command line completion, banners, passwords, and various show commands.


Welcome to™ network simulator home page.  We offer advanced network  simulators including router/switch/terminal simulator. The simulators help in preparing for networking exams such as ccna or jncia. It would also be very helpful for those who want to get started with configuring Cisco® or Juniper® routers in a simulated environment. Several new features have been added to the current version, including Frame Relay commands, ISDN, sub-interface, and Access list configuration commands.


All LANforge systems include a platform independent Graphical client and a scriptable telnet management interface for automated testing. For examples of how the LANforge system can help with your testing needs, see the LANforge Overview.


on the house

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Cyrus    0

Existe outro muito bom que é o Packet Tracker da Cisco. O Boson for CCNP para quem começa não recomendo é mais limitado que o RouterSim.

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