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Videos técnicos sobre técnicas diversas

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vi alguns dos filmes e pareceram-me muito bons... é uma empresa oficial e estão com qualidade técnica...

é uma empresa que têm diversos serviços de segurança entre eles o state of the art "PEN TESTING"  :smoke: ;)

Security Know-how on Stage 

Security is a very complex topic. Understanding security issues in order to master security challenges is perceived as a cumbersome duty. Therefore, Virtual Forge has developed a series of short, animated movies for each major class of vulnerability. That way, security training can be enhanced with a fun-element and people will say in the end "we want more!".

Key Benefits

    * Concise: VMovies are short lessons (5-10 minutes) that clearly show how attacks work and what’s at stake (in terms of business assets).

    * Comprehensive: every single step of a potential attack is shown in order to clarify the vulnerability at the application level and how traditional security solutions can be bypassed.

    * Complete: the VMovie series covers the major known security issues. The Virtual Forge team continuously produces more parts if new issues are discovered.

    * Fun: VMovies are developed by both professional designers and security experts. That way, security knowledge is communicated in a very convenient way.

Key Assets

VMovies can be used in several ways:

    * Enrich classroom trainings with short VMovie sessions.

    * Include VMovie in your e-learning curriculum.

    * Use VMovies in your presentations in order to get management and developer's buy-in.



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Excelentes videos para quem desconhece por completo o XSS, muito bem ilustrado e documentado, explicar melhor que isso é impossivel loool

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Muito bons filmes, e fácil de entender.

Se a vida te voltar as costas aproveita e apalpa-lhe o cu.

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