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The Georgia Tech Network Simulator (GTNetS)


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um simulador de rede... é muito bom para aprender / treinar... tenho usado muito o da CISCO e vou experimentar este... os simuladores são extremamente importantes pois permitem-nos efectuar operações em equipamentos que de outra forma será dificil termos acesso a eles fora do local de trabalho... 

para mim os simuladores de rede como o VMWare são ferramentas essenciais... não me imagino sem elas  😉😛

About GTNetS

The Georgia Tech Network Simulator (GTNetS) is a full-featured network simulation environment that allows researchers in computer networks to study the behavior of moderate to large scale networksunder a variety of conditions. The design philosophy of GTNetS is to create a simulation environment that is structured much like actual networks are structured. For examplein GTNetSthere is clear and distinct separation of protocol stack layers.

Packets in GTNetS consist of a list of protocol data units ( PDUs) that are appended and removed from the packet as it moves down and up the protocol stack. Simulation objects representing network nodes have one or more Interfaceseach of which can have an associated IP address and an associated link. Layer 4 protocol objects in GTNetS are bound to portsin a fashion nearly identical to the binding to ports in real network protocols. Connections between protocol objects at the transport layer are specified using a source IPsource portdestination IPdestination port tuple just like actual TCP connections. The interface between applications and transport protocols uses the familiar connectlistensendand sendto calls much like the ubiquitous sockets API in Unix environments.

Applications in GTNetS can have one or more associated protocol objectsand can simulate the flow of data (including actual data contents) between applications.


Download GTSNetS


house of horus

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